The Edward U. Demmer Memorial Library in Three Lakes is welcoming families, and especially girls ages 10 to 18, to join them in a new programming series based on females interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.  

“While a lot of girls between third grade and the end of high school lose interest in STEM fields, one of the primary reasons is a simple one; they don’t see regular enough reinforcement that they can stay in and succeed in such fields,” said library Director Erica Brewster.

 The Demmer Library and a group of community volunteers are hoping to fight this by highlighting women who chose STEM careers. While the presentation is open to all — old and young, families, women and men — the organizers would especially like to have more young women in those critical years between 10 and 18 at the series.

“We are looking to host this series of speakers once a month, the second Tuesday of each month,” said librarian April Lammert. “This program will be the community/family piece with a follow-up program the fourth Wednesday of the month that invites girls ages 10 to 18 to come work on a STEM-based activity.  We are hoping this will foster STEM skills, but also critical thinking and friendship as well.”

Registration is encouraged, but not required.

For more information or to register, call (715) 546-3391 or visit