A 12-person Vilas County jury found Frank R. Schuman of Lac du Flambeau guilty of three counts of misdemeanor battery in a domestic abuse case following a five-day trial in Vilas County Circuit Court last week.

The jury deliberated for nearly eight hours before finding Schuman not guilty on eight of the 11 counts. Charges dismissed included four counts of misdemeanor battery, two felony counts of intimidating a victim, one felony count of first-degree recklessly endangering safety and one misdemeanor count of resisting or obstructing an officer.

Schuman, 25, was represented by defense attorney Steven Lucareli of Eagle River. A judicial assistant was to contact parties on Monday to schedule sentencing, and Schuman’s bond conditions were continued.

Following closing arguments by Lucareli and  special prosecutor Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General Robert Kaiser Jr., the jury exited the courtroom for deliberation at 5:14 last Friday. The jury then reached a verdict at 12:59 a.m. Saturday.

Schuman, a professional mixed martial arts fighter, was accused of battering and threatening his ex-wife, Carli Bergquist, for years.

Despite having the majority of charges against him dismissed, the jury found him guilty on three misdemeanor counts. It found Schuman committed battery crimes against his ex-wife on May 16, 2016. In count 6, it found Schuman guilty of pushing Bergquist, causing an injury, and that he did it while threatening to use a firearm. In counts 9 and 10, Schuman was found guilty of grabbing Bergquist by the hair, dragging her and kicking her.

Oneida County Judge Michael Bloom presided over the case.