Smallmouth bass anglers in the northern bass zone will have the opportunity to bring home their catch beginning Saturday, June 15, with the opening of the regular harvest season.

The northern bass zone encompasses the area north of highways 77, 27, 64 and 29. The smallmouth bass season in this zone was restricted to catch-and-release fishing only, while largemouth bass could be taken as part of the daily bag.

The statewide regulations for bass harvest consist of a 14-inch minimum length limit and a daily bag limit of five bass in total. However, anglers should check the 2019-’20 Wisconsin Hook and Line Fishing Regulations for exceptions to these size and bag limits on certain lakes and streams.

“Anglers looking for good bass fishing opportunities should check out the regulations pamphlet and seek out those waters boasting 18-inch minimum size limits,” said Mike Vogelsang, north district fisheries supervisor with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. “These waters have all the right characteristics to grow respectable numbers of large fish.”

Anglers can learn more about what to expect for bass fishing on waters across the state by reading the 2019 Wisconsin Fishing Report. The report contains information on fishing local waters, general fishing regulations, scientific updates and more.