Spring break from school is approaching quickly, and while many students look forward to having a week off school, for some that also means a break from the free breakfast and lunch that so many students from food-insecure homes depend on.

“This is why we created FORK Cares,” said Feed Our Rural Kids (FORK) Vice President and FORK Cares Committee Chairman Scott Foster. “Nutritional support during children’s vacations from school is critical to many kids and families. FORK Cares helps to bridge that gap for many.”

Registration is now in progress to ensure every child has the support they need during their time away from school.

Each school implements a sign-up process by using emails and questionnaires. If you need assistance outside of the traditional sign- up tool, families can contact their elementary-aged child’s school office now to sign them up for FORK Cares,” Foster explained. “The program provides children with a supplemental meal a day for every day your child is away from school, including weekends.”

FORK Cares also provides supplemental meals to children during the school calendar breaks for summer and winter vacations. Signing up for those food distributions is separate from registration for support during spring break.

“Fill out the registration that is sent by email or contact your school today to make sure the meals are ready for your child’s vacation,” Foster said.

Parents who did not receive a registration form by email, but would like to sign up for the FORK Cares program, can contact their local school by calling: Eagle River Elementary School at 715-479-6471; Phelps Elementary School, 715-545-2724; Land O’ Lakes Elementary School, 715-547-3619; Three Lakes Elementary School, 715-546-3321; St. Germain Elementary School, 715-542-3632; Sugar Camp Elementary School, 715-272-1105.

FORK Cares food pickups are scheduled at local elementary schools, but families who are transportation-challenged can arrange for home delivery.

FORK is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide nutritional support for children from food insecure homes within the Northland Pines, Three Lakes, and Phelps school districts.

For more information, visit feedourruralkids.org.