A five-day jury trial related to the 2017 shooting death of Connor Stevens of Three Lakes remains on the Vilas County Circuit Court calendar for Feb. 4, at least for now, after motions were filed last week to compel discovery and to possibly change the trial date.

Jeremiah Solis, 19, now of Hancock, is charged with homicide by firearm while having a controlled substance in his system and homicide by negligent handling of a dangerous weapon, in this case a .40-caliber pistol he purchased at the Eagle River gun show Sept. 1, 2017.

Solis and others were in an apartment at 421 E. Wall St. in Eagle River on Sept. 3 when the pistol discharged and hit Stevens, 20, in the chest, causing his death. Solis was allegedly the handler of the gun.

Defense attorney Albert Moustakis said he wanted the court to compel discovery, saying there was evidence in the case he wanted to resolve through the opinion of an expert.

“We would like to take photos and examine the firing pin and that requires disassembly of the gun,” Moustakis told the court. “We could do this at the state crime lab with my expert present and we’ve received a letter from the district attorney (Martha Milanowski) saying they are trying to comply.”

Other items that need to be examined are a glass fragment and bullet casings, according to Moustakis.

“Once our expert does give an opinion, it will have to be turned over to the state for their examination so we may need more time,” Moustakis added.

Vilas County Circuit Judge Neal A. Nielsen III agreed further examination of the evidence is needed. He said delays sometimes happen in a court case.

“There are road bumps the court experiences and it is a huge frustration, not only for the court but also the victims and family of victims, but I don’t doubt the complexity of a homicide case,” Judge Nielsen said. “I’m reluctant to move the trial and I direct both sides to work cooperatively.”

Judge Nielsen kept the Feb. 4 trial date and said he would take the motions for delay under advisement, setting Jan. 23 to review the case. 

Solis also faces a felony bail jumping charge for violating curfew Oct. 16, 2018. He remains free under a $20,000 signature bond.