Eagle Lanes & Lounge in Eagle River hosted the well-attended Strike Out Cancer Nine-Pin No-Tap fundraiser for the Northwoods Cancer Care Fund on March 9. 

The bowling alley was packed with supporters, survivors, committee members, and those who raised funds and registered to bowl. The total raised by Strike Out Cancer approached $19,500. 

The event included raffles for prize baskets, travel mugs, cookies, resource displays, and an exhibition of some very decorative bras. Two bowling shifts were separated by a ceremony honoring those affected by cancer. 

Susie Erickson, who has organized this fundraiser for 15 years, brings a message of hope and recovery through Strike Out Cancer for the survivors as well as the family members of those who have experienced cancer.

In her presentation, Erickson honored those currently in treatment, those who over-

came cancer and those who lost their battle with cancer. 

Operating through the Marshfield Clinic Health System Foundation, a goal of $15,000 for North Woods patients was set for 2019. More than $150,000 has been raised in the past 15 years. 

Marshfield Clinic in Minocqua has been involved with this particular fundraiser for the past nine years. Kim Baltus, foundation coordinator, and Shellie Donovan, breast care coordinator, spoke of benefits to oncology and radiation patients who are humbled and touched by the gifts they receive, which includes education and comfort items supporting women and men. They said the community support and hard work that goes into event planning is very much appreciated by patients. 

Donovan also invited Erickson’s sister, Lucy Farrell, to come forward with a big surprise. 

Farrell, from Conover, is a two-time survivor who had chemotherapy and a double mastectomy in 2006. Pink is prominent in her wardrobe to honor a sister they lost 25 years ago. As Farrell cared for her sister, she learned to be her own advocate.

Three years ago, Farrell was the top fundraiser for the Nine-Pin No-Tap fund­raiser. This year, she was determined to increase her efforts, so she contacted her donor list from 2016 and received generous contributions. 

In addition, Farrell devised a new tactic for 2019 — she drove her car to the snowy intersection at Muskrat Creek, where snowmobile trails from Conover, Phelps, Land O’ Lakes and Eagle River converge. Wearing pink and holding a coffee can wrapped in pink on a Saturday morning with the wind chill at 25 degrees below zero, she stood outside as snowmobiles stopped at the intersection. 

She told them she was a cancer survivor and asked for donations. One woman, whose sister had been diagnosed the day before, cried when Farrell told her story. Some riders donated cash, while others offered to pray. 

Farrell gratefully received the donations and placed donor names on a poster along with pictures of the snowmobilers. It all added up as Farrell presented her poster listing $6,500 in contributions. 

“It’s not about me, it’s about all of us. I’m wearing my sister’s hat, who passed away 25 years ago. It’s story after story after story of people who have had cancer,” she said. 

Farrell received the Faith, Hope and Love Top Fundraising Traveling Trophy for her exceptional efforts.

The success of Strike Out Cancer also inspired a new group, the Minocqua Forest Riders, to give back to its community. Crews for Cancer Snowmobiles raised $10,000 in January for one of its members currently in treatment.

Sponsors of Strike Out Cancer included Waldman Construction, Stop’s Heating and Cooling, Amerigas and WRJO. 

For more information, call Donovan at (715) 358-1250.