The winner of the Journeys Marathon, No. 38 Brad Seely of Weston, passed No. 39 Ray Sharp of Atlantic Mine, Mich. Seely finished the mara­thon in 2:57:44.
The winner of the Journeys Marathon, No. 38 Brad Seely of Weston, passed No. 39 Ray Sharp of Atlantic Mine, Mich. Seely finished the mara­thon in 2:57:44.

The 23rd annual Journeys Marathon is in the record books, with Brad Seely of Weston the overall winner of the 26.2-mile race and Jesse Deangelis of Madison crossing the finish line first for the women.

A total of 592 runners and walkers competed in the five Journeys Marathon events Saturday, including the full marathon from near Boulder Junction to Eagle River, a half-marathon, a 13.1-mile power walk, a 10K run and a 5K.

The race is put on annually by the Eagle River Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center, with the race festivities at Riverview Park in Eagle River.

Seely won the men’s race in 2 hours, 57 minutes and 44 seconds. It was the first time he won a marathon.

“I’ve always wanted to win a marathon, so to do it here feels good. This is my eighth marathon I’ve run, and my second here at Journeys,” said Seely, 38. “After finishing third last year, I felt like I had a lot of information that I needed to come back and win this year. I ran just a much smarter race this year.”

Most Journeys Marathon runners talk about the challenging hills in the Star Lake area, but not that the course gets flatter near Eagle River.

“I held back quite a bit more at the start, and then once I got through the hills on the first half of the course I really felt like I was where I needed to be to make a push,” said Seely. “I think a lot of people underestimate how difficult the first half of this course can be. It’s hard to not want to go out and run as fast as you can right away, but I told myself I just needed to stick to what I had trained and planned for and things should work out.”

The weather Saturday was considered ideal for runners, with the temperature in the upper 30s at the start of the race at 8 a.m. with light winds out of the south and mostly sunny skies. By the time runners reached the finish line about 3 to 4 hours later, the temperature was in the mid-50s.

“I didn’t notice the wind too much, but once I got to about mile 20 I could feel I was starting to get tired. From there it’s just perseverance,” said Seely, who ran a pace of 6 minutes, 47 seconds per mile. 

While it’s early in the running season, Seely said he enjoys Journeys Marathon.

“The one thing I really enjoy about Journeys is the people and the course. It’s just such a beautiful and peaceful run through the woods, and everyone is here to encourage you and make sure the experience is a great one,” said Seely. “We don’t know right now if we’ll be back next year; it’s sort of too far away to tell, but it will definitely be on my calendar. I’d love to come back and defend the title.”

Placing second for the men was Ray Sharp, 59, of Atlantic Mine, Mich., in 3:04:59. Third place went to Travis McCathie of Richfield, Minn., in 3:17:10.

Deangelis was the first female to cross the finish line in 3:18:51. She placed fifth overall in her third marathon ever.

“I have ran Journeys once before in 2016, and then I ran the Madison Marathon in 2017. I took a year off then, because I just needed a break,” said Deangelis, 29. “We got married and sort of settled down with my family a bit and then got back into it again after 2018.”

Deangelis said she had set a goal prior to the race.

“I pushed myself just as hard as I could. My goal was to be able to qualify for the Boston Marathon, which is 3 hours and 30 minutes, so I wanted to shoot for 3 hours and 29 minutes. But in all honesty, I just wanted to run as hard as I possibly could without going out too hard.”

Deangelis, running a pace of 7:36 per mile, explained her strategy for the race.

“I held back to start, which is sort of my trick. I hold back and then just try to pass people. I picked it up between about 11 and 13 miles,” she said. “I have a really awesome crew with me. They helped me along the way. The temperature change was a little difficult, but I just started in warm clothes and tossed them as I didn’t need them. I always carry my own fluids too because I don’t like stopping for water, but I even tossed that after mile 19.”

Deangelis said she did not grow up running.

“I just taught myself. I signed up for cross-country my senior year of high school and went from the back of the pack and just kept getting better,” she said. “I kept running in college and I now have done three marathons: two Journeys and one Madison. What I like most about Journeys is just being in the woods and the community. I only have Madison to compare it to, but the whole community that comes out for this event here is really what drives me.”

Placing second in the full marathon for the women was Erika Captain of Appleton in 3:23:50. She was sixth overall. Third place went to Ashley Wright of Wisconsin Rapids in 3:37:20. She was ninth overall.

A total of 51 runners finished the marathon. Area runners included Barb Menting-Pride of Eagle River, who was 18th overall in 4:05:13; Garrett Lopnow of Phelps, who was 24th in 4:15:14; Anne Small of St. Germain, who was 25th in 4:19:47; and Janet Knutson of Eagle River, who was 36th in 4:32:59.

Markle wins half

David Markle of Madison won the half-marathon in 1:26:35. The top female finisher was Rebecca Gregornik of Three Lakes in 1:27:11. She was third overall.

Markle, 35, said it was his first time running Journeys and he wasn’t feeling well.

“I’ve been sick all week so my strategy was just to hang on as long as I could,” he said. “But the course is very nice. I enjoyed it. You can lose yourself out there in the wild. I love running up here.”

Markle said he led the race from the start, near the intersection of Highway K and East Buckatabon Lake Road. 

“It scared me. I love chasing other runners. I don’t love being chased,” he said.

Markle, who coaches runners in his spare time, is a fairly experienced runner.

“I’m just back from Boston again this year. I’m a member of a running club in Madison, where I work, and coach runners in my free time. It’s one of my passions,” he said.

Markle also thought the weather was nice for runners. 

“The temperature was very good. It was nice that it got a little overcast. That’s beautiful for runners. We did have a slight headwind that you could feel and it was tough coming down the airport road,” he said.

Second place in the half-marathon went to Tom Furo of Auburndale in 1:26:47. Third went to Gregornik and fourth went to Chad Esker of Mosinee in 1:28:00.

For Gregornik, 23, it was her first half-marathon. She has lived in Three Lakes for the past year, moving here from Chicago. 

“This was my first half. I haven’t run anything longer than 6K before,” said Gregornik, who ran for Wheaton College. 

Gregornik said she led most of the race.

“There was one girl in front me for the first 3 or 4 miles. I caught up to her and we ran together for a little while and I was first after that,” said Gregornik. “The temperature was perfect and the sunshine was wonderful. The wind was a little annoying, but it wasn’t too bad.”

Gregornik said, “It feels pretty good” to win the Journeys half-marathon and she will be running in Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, Minn., in June, her first full mara­thon.

Second place for the women in the half-marathon went to Danielle Raleigh of Irma in 1:25:54. She was fifth overall. Third place for the women went to Kristina Krue­ger of Woodruff in 1:42:34. She was 14th overall.

A total of 183 runners finished the half-marathon. Paul Durst of Eagle River was 19th overall in 1:44:14 and Megan Hoffmann of Conover was 27th overall in 1:47:51.

10K/5K winners

The overall winner of the 10K race, which started and ended at Riverview Park, was Michael Kranz of New Berlin in 41 minutes, 25 seconds. Second place went to Jacob Haseman of Big Bend in 42:45 and third place went to Levi Smith of Rhinelander in 42:42.

The female winner in the 10K was Colleen Burzynski of Elmwood, Ill., in 47:24. She was fifth overall. Second place for the women went to Katie Fenstermaker of Malta, Ill., in 50:06. Third went to Ellie Rumney of Rhinelander in 50:12.

There were 105 runners finished the 10K. Steve Lacy of Eagle River was seventh overall in 48:39. Rachel Strong of Eagle River was 12th overall in 51:07. Jessica Adamovich of Eagle River was 28th overall in 55:43.

The overall winner of the 5K was Jacob Aiello, age 15, of Eagle River in 22:21. Second place went to Tyler Everett Barber, also age 15, of Eagle River in 22:49. Third place went to Luciano Svetnicka, 17, of Eagle River in 24:09. 

The female winner of the 5K was Marissa Swanson of Hortonville in 24:31. She was sixth overall. Second for the females went to Sara Specht of Aspen, Colo., in 25:47, and third place went to Connie Smith of Iron River, Mich., in 25:53.

There were 158 runners and walkers who finished the 5K event. Nine-year-old Sam­uel Koshuta of Three Lakes was 31st overall in 31:33.

The unofficial results of each event follows:


First, Brad Seeley, Weston, 2:57:44; second, Ray Sharp, Atlantic Mine, Mich., 3:04:59; third, Travis McCathie, Richfield, Minn., 3:17:10; fourth, Kelley Akey, Athens, 3:17:42; fifth, Jesse Deangelis, Madison, 3:18:51; sixth, Erika Captain, Appleton, 3:23:50; seventh, Robert Rinka, Chicago, Ill., 3:25:33; eighth, Terry Gibbs, Wausau, 3:32:20; ninth, Ashley Wright, Wisconsin Rapids, 3:37:20; 10th, Melissa Schuett, Beaver Dam, 3:37:46; 

11th, Michael Benchina, Chisholm, Minn., 3:41:08; 12th, Mark Pallardy, Naper­ville, Ill., 3:46:16; 13th, Hillary Geipel, Colgate, 3:52:53; 14th, Berkley Came­ron, Chicago, Ill., 3:57:07; 15th, Sereena Johnson, Iron Mountain, Mich., 3:59:15; 16th, Melissa Witnik, St. Francis, 4:00:16; 17th, Gow­tham S., Houghton, Mich., 4:04:53; 18th, Barb Menting-Pride, Eagle River, 4:05:13; 19th, Thomas Perri, Maple Grove, Minn., 4:06:02; 20th, Robert Russell, Waunakee, 4:07:19;

21st, Tim Lindquist, Boulder Junction, 4:10:32; 22nd, Jacob Hatch, DeForest, 4:11:37; 23rd, Todd Hugill, Stevens Point, 4:12:17; 24th, Garrett Luplow, Phelps, 4:15:14; 25th, Anne Small, St. Germain, 4:19:47; 26th, Robert Sistko, Fernandina Beach, Fla., 4:20:45; 27th, Bill Sved, Marquette, Mich., 4:20:58; 28th, Rhonda Bacher, Merrill, 4:21:17; 29th, Wayne Christopherson, Alpena, Mich., 4:21:19; 30th, Mark Swanson, Carlton, Minn., 4:22:03;

31st, Kenn Spaeth, St. Paul, Minn., 4:24:55; 32nd, Thomas Kammel, Arbor Vitae, 4:25:48; 33rd, Susan Erdmann, Neenah, 4:26:29; 34th, Susan Klein-Lord, Stevens Point, 4:28:05; 35th, Ryan Shear, Reedsburg, 4:30:26; 36th, Janet Knutson, Eagle River, 4:32:59; 37th, Bethany Tate, Minocqua, 4:42:34; 38th, Christian Holzheu, Neenah, 4:43:28; 39th, Alison Staples, DeForest, 4:44:48; 40th, Anna Guerndt, Hartford, 4:46:35;

41st, Seth Gyldenvand, Rhine­lander, 4:47:54; 42nd, Karen Hugill, Stevens Point, 4:47:54; 43rd, Megan Oley, Plover, 4:47:54; 44th, Marci Gehrke, Sussex, 4:48:56; 45th, Sara Johnston, Mohawk, 4:56:14; 46th, Donna Thack­wray, Marquette, Mich., 4:58:06; 47th, Julie Berger, Appleton, 5:02:06; 48th, Kimberly Hatch, DeForest, 5:02:31; 49th, Scott Peterson, Stevens Point, 5:04:10; 50th, Jason Erickson, Marinette, 5:17:07;

51st, George Southgate, Calhoun, Ga., 5:23:19.


First, David Markle, Madison, 1:26:35; second, Tom Furo, Auburndale, 1:26:47; third, Rebecca Gregornik, Three Lakes, 1:27:11; fourth, Chad Esker, Mosinee, 1:28:00; fifth, Daneille Raleigh, Irma, 1:28:54; sixth, Adam Johnson, Helenville, 1:34:20; seventh, Dave Devet, Gladstone, Mich., 1:38:11; eighth, Brad Gast, Weston, 1:38:31; ninth, Jason Lowman, Weston, 1:38:54; 10th, Dan Bessette, Schofield, 1:39:44; 

11th, Patrick Gauthier, Wood­ruff, 1:40:30; 12th, Jayson Dahl­quist, Rhinelander, 1:42:05; 13th, Dan Skeen, Rhinelander, 1:42:08; 14th, Kristina Krueger, Woodruff, 1:42:34; 15th, Landon Wiese, Appleton, 1:42:57; 16th, Kurt Wondra, Greenville, 1:43:22; 17th, Nikki Bessette, Schofield, 1:43:42; 18th, Richard Ehlert, West Allis, 1:44:13; 19th, Paul Durst, Eagle River, 1:44:14; 20th, Kurt Kramer, Neenah, 1:44:20;

21st, Greg Schauer, Waukesha, 1:44:32; 22nd, Stephanie Kliethermes, Madison, 1:44:32; 23rd, Steve Szpak, Thiensville, 1:45:15; 24th, Janelle Wiebelhaus-Finger, Juneau, 1:46:10; 25th, Mandy Haseman, Big Bend, 1:46:38; 26th, Michael Haseman, Big Bend, 1:46:38; 27th, Megan Hoffman, Cono­ver, 1:47:51; 28th, Kyla Waks­monski, Rhinelander, 1:47:54; 29th, Chris Bertler, Manitowoc, 1:48:04; 30th, Scott Streightiff, Lake Bluff, Ill., 1:48:45; 

31st, Ashley Laux, Houghton, Mich., 1:48:48; 32nd, Albert Stella, Hurley, 1:48:55; 33rd, Nancy Krusic, Manistique, Mich., 1:48:56; 34th, Donald Evans, Merrill, 1:49:02; 35th, Steven Silverman, Merrill, 1:50:04; 36th, Jon Labyak, Ontonagon, Mich., 1:50:21; 37th, Cheryl Corbeille, Black Creek, 1:50:49; 38th, Leslie Benitz, Wisconsin Rapids, 1:51:23; 39th, Wesley Papcink, Florence, 1:51:43; 40th, Cathy Beck, Waterford, 1:51:58;

41st, Jessica Juntunen, Scho­field, 1:53:15; 42nd, Mark Vollmer, Cedarburg, 1:53:28; 43rd, Courtney Timmons, Arbor Vitae, 1:53:36; 44th, Jake Thomp­son, Madison, 1:53:51; 45th, Joe King, Wausau, 1:53:52; 46th, Felicia Coradini, Ingleside, Ill., 1:54:05; 47th, Dede Gibbs, Port Edwards, 1:54:08; 48th, Sari Hirsch, Highland Park, 1:54:10; 49th, Sandra Pera, Wakefield, Mich., 1:54:17; 50th, Shelley Callahan, Wausau, 1:54:49;

51st, Rob Hoehn, Schofield, 1:54:50; 52nd, Leslie Ironside, Wisconsin Rapids, 1:54:53; 53rd, Gabriel Vanrixel, Marathon, 1:55:17; 54th, Stephanie Gregor, West Bend, 1:55:29; 55th, Alex Mayer, Hancock, Mich., 1:55:38; 56th, John Knasinski, Muskego, 1:56:11; 57th, Paul Huhn, Franklin, 1:56:43; 58th, Jacob Larson, Belleville, 1:56:56; 59th, Jeffrey Konopacky, Custer, 1:57:02; 60th, Gregg Gerschke, Colgate, 1:57:04;

61st, John Siegworth, Green Bay, 1:57:46; 62nd, Chris Grebe, Eagle River, 1:57:50; 63rd, Ryan Funk, Cedarburg, 1:57:59; 64th, Jeremiah Miller, West Bend, 1:58:01; 65th, Heather Anderson, Appleton, 1:58:03; 66th, Fred Jacobs, Iron River, Mich., 1:58:10; 67th, Andrew Hruz, Wauwatosa, 1:58:36; 68th, Joshua Thomas, Fond du Lac, 1:58:40; 69th, Karry Johnson, Superior, 1:58:47; 70th, Jessica Plummer, Argonne, 1:59:01; 

71st, Marissa Welch, Combined Locks, 1:59:10; 72nd, Carrie Miller, DePere, 1:59:19; 73rd, Paul Miller, DePere, 1:59:20; 74th, Diane Supinski, Sun Prairie, 2:00:19; 75th, Michael Gengalo, Merrill, 2:00:30; 76th, Craig Pilecky, Antigo, 2:01:34; 77th, Eric Siler, Wisconsin Rapids, 2:01:46; 78th, Melanie Tulowitzky, Rhinelander, 2:01:54; 79th, Pam Grzybowski, Greenfield, 2:02:39; 80th, Sunshine Broeren, Wisconsin Rapids, 2:03:27;

81st, Robin Sarris-Hallop, Ann Arbor, Mich., 2:03:32; 82nd, Ricky Bjork, Owen, 2:03:39; 83rd, Jodi Wilske, Cedarburg, 2:04:50; 84th, Kimberly Sirek, Cameron, 2:05:22; 85th, Michelle Wirth, Hartford, 2:05:38; 86th, Alyssa Voit, Muskego, 2:05:57; 87th, Rebecca Grambort, Merrill, 2:07:29; 88th, Lacey Wood, Madison, 2:08:12; 89th, David Harris, Eagle River, 2:08:21; 90th, Heather Zabski, West Dundee, Ill., 2:08:49;

91st, Jake McGinnis, South Bend, Ind., 2:09:19; 92nd, Erika Hanselman Green, Albany, Ore., 2:09:49; 93rd, Ashley Bender, Wausau, 2:09:54; 94th, Cari Heise, Stoughton, 2:10:12; 95th, Michael Spencer, Green Bay, 2:10:45; 96th, Teresa Connoly, ?Woodbury, Minn., 2:11:41; 97th, Brad Rosicky, Waupaca, 2:12:19; 98th, Sera Maretich, Schofield, 2:12:20; 99th, Paul Schroder, Tomahawk, 2:12:21; 100th, William Litzer, Marathon, 2:12:49;

101st, Jordan Becker, Wisconsin Rapids, 2:13:53; 102nd, Tracy Mortenson, Wisconsin Rapids, 2:14:00; 103rd, Amy Furo, Auburndale, 2:14:09; 104th, Nicole LeDioyt, Berlin, 2:14:28; 105th, Robert Prellwitz, Berlin, 2:14:28; 106th, Neil Hanlon, Hartford, 2:14:30; 107th, Babs Van Rixel, Marathon, 2:14:37; 108th, Paula Walker, Green Bay, 2:14:37; 109th, Melissa Kolar, Eau Claire, 2:15:47; 110th, Abby Karch, Lake Tomahawk, 2:16:24;

111th, Jacquelynne King, Vesper, 2:16:24; 112th, Jim Knight, Waupaca, 2:16:55; 113th, David Wanta, Custer, 2:17:44; 114th, Isle Harper, Eagle River, 2:17:46; 115th, Dawn Rosicky, Waupaca, 2:17:55; 116th, Lori Kessenich, Manitowish Waters, 2:18:21; 117th, Carol Owens, Wausau, 2:18:53; 118th, Laura Stroobants, Lake Elmo, Minn., 2:19:36; 119th, Emily Peterson, West Milwaukee, 2:20:21; 120th, Ulrich Standarkski, Waukesha, 2:20:47;

121st, Lisa Hansen, Marshfield, 2:20:48; 122nd, Julia Scopp, Brookfield, 2:21:53; 123rd, Joshua Reese, Eagle River, 2:22:10; 124th, Joann Dowe, Port Washington, 2:22:30; 125th, David Hanselman, Eagle River, 2:22:36; 126th, Thomas Simon, Appleton, 2:28:10; 127th, Tracy Major, Wausau, 2:28:25; 128th, Tammi Jarosz, Sobieski, 2:28:44; 129th, Abigail Ryskey, Sparta, 2:28:53; 130th, Tressa Gitzlaff, Edgar, 2:29:29; 

131st, Paula Meyer, Appleton, 2:29:30; 132nd, Sandy Rometti, Iron River, Mich., 2:30:53; 133rd, Ruth Wagner, Marshfield, 2:31:43; 134th, Joseph Wagner, Marshfield, 2:31:44; 135th, Ralph Grebe, Eagle River, 2:33:06; 136th, Heidi Bociek, Iron River, Mich., 2:34:35; 137th, Gary Knoke, Berlin, 2:34:44; 138th, Sarah Foley, St. Germain, 2:34:56; 139th, C.C. Lampereur, Townsend, 2:34:57; 140th, Kristin Palecek, Butternut, 2:36:50;

141st, Leigh Larson, Belleville, 2:37:04; 142nd, Jason Goetsch, Wausau, 2:37:05; 143rd, Joseph McBezzle, Rhinelander, 2:38:35; 144th, Cheryl Schroeder, Wausau, 2:38:36; 145th, Cheryl Martinson, Kronenwetter, 2:40:24; 146th, Kathleen Pallardy, Naperville, Ill., 2:40:40; 147th, Julie McChesney, Florissant, Mo., 2:41:15; 148th, Jill Gottschalk, Buffalo Grove, Ill., 2:41:43; 149th, Rita Imlah, Deerfield, Ill., 2:41:44; 150th, Kristina Wona, Stevens Point, 2:41:48; 

151st, Kevin Goetsch, Merrill, 2:42:00; 152nd, Jennifer Krantz, New Glarus, 2:42:43; 153rd, Christy Delany, De Pere, 2:42:57; 154th, Aimee Hammon, Maumee, Ohio, 2:42:58; 155th, Angela Parkz, De Pere, 2:43:00; 156th, Kristi Traska, Wausau, 2:44:18; 157th, Kayla Glenn, Wausau, 2:44:19; 158th, Jennifer Lefor, Superior, 2:44:19; 159th, Brenda Fellenz, Marshfield, 2:45:31; 160th, Rick Sager, Pecatonica, Ill., 2:45:36;

161st, Katie McPartlin-Rusch, Sobieski, 2:54:54; 162nd, Kerry Trudeau, Marshfield, 2:55:09; 163rd, Julian Gordon, Lake Bluff, Ill., 2:55:12; 164th, Jaime Halbach, Hilbert, 2:56:01; 165th, Liv Halbach, Hilbert, 2:56:01; 166th, Frank Young, Watersmeet, Mich., 2:56:03; 167th, Heide Skarda, Eagle River, 3:00:00; 168th, Mandy Rottier, Eagle River, 3:00:02; 169th, Julie Christensen, Eagle River, 3:00:03; 170th, Jaclyn Halsey, Eagle River, 3:00:05; 

171st, John Rottier, Eagle River, 3:00:11;
172nd, Linda Daubner, Park Falls, 3:01:34; 173rd, Becky Radl, Manitowoc, 3:01:57; 174th, Richard Sorenson, Laona, 3:02:02; 175th, Jeanna Diedrich, Stevens Point, 3:03:53; 176th, Linda Dotson, Oshkosh, 3:03:55; 177th, Susan Olson, Stoughton, 3:07:35; 178th, Alfred Kohli, Lomira, 3:14:26; 179th, Ned Hughes, Neenah, 3:22:37; 180th, Alfred Grigg, Neenah, 3:27:41;

181st, Sandy Grigg, Neenah, 3:27:41; 182nd, Melony Sasser, Superior, 3:50:31; 183rd, Chuck Hibbard, Hermann, Mo., 3:50:32.

10K run

First, Michael Kranz, New Berlin, 41:25; second, Jacob Haseman, Big Bend, 42:25; third, Levi Smith, Rhine­lander, 42:42; fourth, Jason Tesch, Wausau, 45:26; fifth, Colleen Burzynski, Elmwood Park, Ill., 47:24; sixth, Guy Beck, Naperville, Ill., 48:32; seventh, Steve Lacy, Eagle River, 48:39; eighth, Katie Fenstermaker, Malta, Ill., 50:06; ninth, Ellie Rumney, Rhine­lander, 50:12; 10th, Jesse Sorgatz, Milwaukee, 50:32;

11th, Nicole LaBeau, Rhine­lander, 50:44; 12th, Rachel Strong, Eagle River, 51:07; 13th, Brad Nagel, Wausau, 51:40; 14th, Charlie Strong, Rhine­lander, 51:48; 15th, Julie Beau­champ, Iron River, Mich., 51:54; 16th, Sara Nodurft, Iron River, Mich., 51:55; 17th, Emily Haseman, Big Bend, 53:05; 18th, Craig Broeren, Wisconsin Rapids, 54:02; 19th, Jone Feidt, Wisconsin Rapids, 54:14; 20th, Deborah Rehder, Plainfield, Ill., 54:25;

21st, Shelley Hodkiewicz, St. Germain, 54:51; 22nd, Mat­thew Boeding, Sun Prairie, 54:54; 23rd, Justin Novitski, Merrill, 55:05; 24th, Jennifer Kasparek, Rhinelander, 55:30; 25th, Baylie Lavigne, Ishpeming, Mich., 55:39; 26th, Neil Rumney, Rhinelander, 55:40; 27th, Jamie Mueller, Waterford, 55:42; 28th, Jessica Adamovich, Eagle River, 55:43; 29th, Shane Benitz, Wisconsin Rapids, 56:03; 30th, Phil Labeau, Three Lakes, 56:26;

31st, Scott Olesuk, Evan­ston, Ill. 56:36; 32nd, Laura McIntyre, Stevens Point, 56:41; 33rd, Ian Wetzel, Marinette, 56:44; 34th, Emma White, Marinette, 56:44; 35th, Lindsey Hicks, Eagle River, 57:31; 36th, David Bowser, Long Lake, 57:32; 37th, Susie Rinka, Milwaukee, 57:37; 38th, Amy Kufahl, Eagle River, 57:54; 39th, Haley Siegworth, Green Bay, 59:12; 40th, Colette Corriveau, Oswego, Ill., 59:36;

41st, Ann Miller, Duluth, Minn., 1:00:05; 42nd, Anne Barkow, Green Bay, 1:00:18; 43rd, Andrew Murphy, Sturgeon Bay, 1:00:20; 44th, Michael Anderson, Black Earth, 1:01:05; 45th, David Weiss, Sheboygan Falls, 1:01:13; 46th, Chris Feidt, Wisconsin Rapids, 1:01:46; 47th, Kimberly Martiny, Harshaw, 1:01:58; 48th, Kurt Landauer, St. Germain, 1:02:00; 49th, Michele Gross, Milwaukee, 1:02:33; 50th, Jennifer Allen, Rhinelander, 1:03:35;

51st, Karen White, Hortonville, 1:05:26; 52nd, Anikka Tesch, Wausau, 1:06:15; 53rd, Dave Deuet, Gladstone, Mich., 1:06:19; 54th, Toby Anderson, Medford, 1:06:48; 55th, Emily Zamzow, Schofield, 1:08:01; 56th, Janna Clark, Janesville, 1:08:14; 57th, Greg Smith, Medford, 1:08:23; 58th, Megan Krump, Plymouth, 1:08:36; 59th, Marlon Mee, Eagle River, 1:09:18; 60th, Sheila Brom, Luck, 1:09:18;

61st, Nicole Ray, Eagle River, 1:09:25; 62nd, Jennifer Leslie, Eagle River, 1:09:25; 63rd, Jerry Huhn, Franklin, 1:10:29; 64th, Jeffrey Shiroda, Mukwonago, 1:10:36; 65th, Emily Anschutz, Pulaski, 1:10:44; 66th, Greg Burzynski, Elmwood Park, Ill., 1:11:17; 67th, Matthew Haase, Withee, 1:12:34; 68th, Kelsie Haase, Withee, 1:12:36; 69th, Barb Neddo, Fort Myers Beach, Fla., 1:13:05; 70th, Heather Oberg, Eagle River, 1:13:46;

71st, Mary Reavey, Milwaukee, 1:15:00; 72nd, Greg Olson, Eagle River, 1:15:14; 73rd, Karen Olson, Eagle River, 1:15:15; 74th, Shirley Venz, Butternut, 1:16:15; 75th, Linda Smith, Iron Mountain, Mich., 1:16:32; 76th, Susan Maloney-Smeberg, Iron Mountain, Mich., 1:16:33; 77th, Deborah Cyrtmus, Eagle River, 1:16:42; 78th, David Cyrtmus, Eagle River, 1:16:43; 79th, Ginger Lopez, Milwaukee, 1:20:41; 80th, Kelly Dewine, Fremont, 1:21:34;

81st, Carrie Siler, Wisconsin Rapids, 1:24:22; 82nd, Liz Nemec, Wisconsin Rapids, 1:25:32; 83rd, Bob Nemec, Wisconsin Rapids, 1:25:32; 84th, Harry Belongy, Menominee, Mich., 1:26:26; 85th, Linda Stadler, Richland Center, 1:29:17; 86th Christine Hess, Necedah, 1:29:38; 87th, Debra Schuerr, Conover, 1:31:26; 88th, Chris Zabski, Fox Lake, Ill., 1:32:03; 89th, Shamaine Schoenherr, Mequon, 1:33:40; 90th, Sharon Favorite, Eagle River, 1:34:03;

91st, Cheryl Pytlarz, Land O’ Lakes, 1:34:04; 92nd, Bonnie Kegley, Eagle River, 1:35:13; 93rd, Lori Klandrud, West Bend, 1:38:35; 94th, Judy Verhagen, Little Chute, 1:38:36; 95th, Diane Kesich, Muskego, 1:40:01; 96th, Paul Klandrud, West Bend, 1:43:21; 97th, Michelle Anschutz, Seymour, 1:46:08; 98th, Jean Wroblewski, Seymour, 1:46:08; 99th, Amy Drew, Rice Lake, 1:46:11; 100th, Eric Kraut­kramer, West Bend, 1:46:38;

101st, Christine Kraut­kramer, West Bend, 1:46:41; 102nd, Jamie Aide, Burlington 1:47:12; 103rd, Alaina Scopp, Brookfield, 1:47:37; 104th, Susan Sprinkmann, Brookfield, 1:47:38; 105th, Angie Aide, Burlington, 1:47:47.

5K run

First, Jacob Aiello, Eagle River, 22:21; second, Tyler Everett Barber, Eagle River, 22:49; third, Luciano Svetnicka, Eagle River, 24:09; fourth, Mike Swanson, Hortonville, 24:29; fifth, Payton Hodkiewicz, St. Germain, 24:31; sixth, Marissa Swanson, Hortonville, 24:31; seventh, Brandon Marcis, Medford, 24:45; eighth, Ken Shestak, Bryant, 24:51; ninth, Benjamin Streightiff, Lake Bluff, Ill., 25:07; 10th, Sara Specht, Aspen, Colo., 25:47;

11th, Richard Smith, Iron River, Mich., 25:53; 12th, Ethan Polich, Conover, 26:20; 13th, Kyle McKeever, Hortonville, 26:23; 14th, Connie Smith, Iron River, Mich., 26:29; 15th, Lacy Cichy, Watersmeet, Mich., 26:31; 16th, Nicole Kube, Eagle River, 26:32; 17th, Jason Borman, Medford, 26:53; 18th, Zack Ciran, Conover, 27:49; 19th, Patrick Robinson, Seymour, 27:58; 20th, Alex Dowe, Port Washington, 28:06;

21st, Robert Lewis, Crandon, 28:13; 22nd, Wendy Reese, Eagle River 28:44; 23rd, Jennifer Smits, Rhinelander, 28:46; 24th, Deb Wall, Rhinelander, 28:55; 25th, Paige Hodkiewicz, St. Germain, 29:14; 26th, Julie Detienne, Rhinelander, 29:17; 27th, Gregg Pusa­teri, Eagle River, 29:33; 28th, Emily Baumer, Libertyville, Ill., 29:45; 29th, Dani Ernst, Butler, 29:46;  30th, Dan Beck, Naperville, Ill., 30:16;

31st, Samuel Koshuta, Three Lakes, 31:33; 32nd, Ellie Hanlin, Hartford, 31:48; 33rd, Denise Flynn, Mari­nette, 31:51; 34th, Lori Ggyldenwand, Weyaumega, 31:55; 35th, Nicole Davis, New London, 32:01; 36th, Renee Cleary, Hartford; 32:03; 37th, Maggie Peterson, Eagle River, 32:13; 38th, Rebecca Powell, Eagle River, 32:14; 39th, Amanda Beuning, Rhinelander, 32:15; 40th, Kamryn Lavigne, Ishpeming, Mich., 32:41;

41st, Amber Bellile, Rhinelander, 32:57; 42nd, Amy Kollath, Kimberly, 33:02; 43rd, Rob Rinka, Milwaukee, 33:16; 44th, Abbey Baumer, Wauwatosa, 33:26; 45th, Maria Baumer, Butler, 33:26; 46th, Randy Asman, Hortonville, 33:48; 47th, Steph­anie Messig, Hartford, 34:05; 48th, Jamie Fiorucci, Watersmeet, Mich., 34:08; 49th, Andrea Fluegel, Eagle River, 34:15; 50th, Kristin Robinson, Seymour, 34:52;

51st, Alyx Benson, Iron River, Mich., 35:25; 52nd, Bill Lancaster, Brookfield, Ill., 35:28; 53rd, Cathy Olesur, Evanston, Ill., 35:29; 54th, Kathy Konopacky, Custer, 35:30; 55th, Samantha Teichmiller, Rhinelander, 35:31; 56th, Susan Serbinski, Iron River, Mich., 35:43; 57th, Misty Luplow, Phelps, 35:55; 58th, Erich Dowe, Port Washington, 36:24; 59th, Kate Koshuta, Three Lakes, 36:27; 60th, Emily McGee, Eagle River, 36:27;

61st, Avery Renkes, St. Germain, 36:28;
62nd, Tabatha Curtis. Mundelein, Ill., 36:30; 63rd, Doug Croney, Iron River, 36:47; 64th, Joanne Schreiber, Waukesha, 36:59; 65th, Kimberly Gehring, Hartford, 37:04; 66th, Connie Justice, Eagle River, 37:06; 67th, Lewis Raker, Phelps, 37:16; 68th, Kristin Hinze, Verona, 37:18; 69th, Chad Hinze, Verona, 37:18; 70th, Shayne Wilfer, Eagle River, 37:26;

71st, Luke Holdmann, Milwaukee, 37:27; 72nd, Angela Boehlke, Milwaukee, 37:29; 73rd, William Johnson, Stevens Point, 37:38; 74th, Riley Cate, Stevens Point, 37:38; 75th, Sandy Harding, Madison, 37:41; 76th, Cathy Gorski, Milwaukee, 38:03; 77th, Joanne Betke, Chicago, Ill., 38:06; 78th, Todd Sandstrom, Wales, 38:12; 79th, James Rose, Dallas, Texas, 38:37; 80th, Kyle Ireland, DeForest, 38:38;

81st, Vicki Ciran, Conover, 39:16; 82nd, Jeanne Ireland, DeForest, 39:29; 83rd, Marissa Ireland, DeForest, 39:32; 84th, Tammy Rainville, Schofield, 39:46; 85th, Jane Gross, Pewaukee, 39:46; 86th, Norah Holdmann, Brookfield, 40:06; 87th, Ben Holdmann, Brookfield, 40:10; 88th, Roger Martens, Tomahawk, 40:34; 89th, Laura Anderson, Medford, 41:44; 90th, Brynn Cleary, Plymouth, 41:55;

91st, Lucas Cleary, Plymouth, 41:55; 92nd, Stacie Cleary, Plymouth, 41:57; 93rd, Ben Holdmann, Brookfield, 42:06; 94th, Julie Wanland, Eagle River, 42:34; 95th, Christine Wasielewski, Coloma, 42:46; 96th, Sue Holdmann, Brookfield, 43:00; 97th, Bobbi Dakota, Eagle River, 43:16; 98th, Brynn Clooney, East Dundee, Ill., 44:53; 99th, Ryan Clooney, East Dundee, Ill., 44:53; 100th, Debra Abrahms, Arlington Heights, Ill., 45:25;

101st, Diane Richards, Sayner, 45:26; 102nd, Autumn Marcis, Medford, 45:32; 103rd, Lisa Drachenberg, Wales, 45:57; 104th, Brian Drachenberg, Wales, 45:57; 105th, Kennedy Thomas, Eagle River, 46:09; 106th, Patrick Reavey, Milwaukee, 46:10; 107th, Luke Hanlon, Hartford, 46:48; 108th, Abigail Kons, Hartford, 46:48; 109th, Sarah Kraemer, Schofield, 47:18; 110th, Rogena Klavetter, Pine Island, Minn., 47:27;

111th, Lynn Warner, Grand Island, N.Y., 47:27, 112th, Henry Walters, Wausau, 50:44; 113th, Bill Ripp, Hartford, 51:04; 114th, Claire Gould, Iola, 51:07; 115th, Meghan Walters, Wausau, 51:19; 116th, Rochelle Antosh, Wausau, 51:39; 117th, Carol Ripp, Hartford, 51:40; 118th, Alina Balko, Buffalo Grove, Ill., 52:04; 119th, Nancy Penne, Lake Villa, Ill., 52:05; 120th, Stefanie Van Dettei, Seymour, 52:05;

121st, Patsy Peterson, Crystal Falls, Mich., 52:19; 122nd, Vivian Tass, Iron River, Mich., 52:19; 123rd, Jane Adams, Iron River, Mich., 52:19; 124th, Katherine Gould, Iola, 53:07; 125th, Diane Vanasten, Florence, 53:13; 126th, April Jensemen, St. Germain, 53:17; 127th, Barb Sparish, Cumberland, 54:20; 128th, Heidi Mee, Eagle River, 54:20; 129th, Angela Cleary, Hartford, 55:11; 130th, Larry Slupianowski, Milwaukee, 55:29;

131st, Dan Micheau, Wells, Mich., 55:43; 132nd, Marilyn Townsend, Wells, 55:44; 133rd, Andrea McKeever, Hortonville, 57:08; 134th, Diann Koshuta, Three Lakes, 57:12; 135th, Jen Gould, Bangor, 57:12; 136th, Barb Gould, Eagle River, 57:12; 137th, Kim Bruss, Three Lakes, 57:13; 138th, Brenda Davis, Monroe, 57:14; 139th, Kate Neville, Eagle River, 57:14; 140th, Angela Baumer, Menomonee Falls, 57:22;

141st, Betty Baumer, Oconomowoc, 57:22; 142nd, Melissa Hanlon, Hartford, 57:47; 143rd, Ken Vanasten, Florence, 58:10; 144th, Mya Renkes, St. Germain, 58:32; 145th, Jennifer Renkes, St. Germain, 58:37; 146th, Jenna Reil, Wausau, 59:41; 147th, Lisa Lang, Eagle River, 59:42; 148th, Hailey Reil, Wausau, 59:42; 149th, Darryl Spiering, Waterford, 59:58; 150th, Joanne Spiering, Waterford, 59:59;

151st, Daniel Spiering, Muskego, 1:00:00; 152nd, Lisa Bodamer, Eagle River, 1:03:24; 153rd, Amanda Karsten, Reedsburg, 1:03:25; 154th, Betty Wright, Eagle River, 1:03:51; 155th, Tim Wright, Eagle River, 1:03:54; 156th, Lori Helvie, Eagle River, 1:03:55; 157th, Scott Helvie, Eagle River, 1:03:56; 158th, Charles Weydt, Woodruff, 1:44:22.


First, Kevin Abing, Neenah, 2:31:30; second, Mark Jarosz, Sabieski, 2:35:46; third, Pat Grulke, Waukesha, 2:48:34; fourth, Darlene Markle, Waukesha, 2:48:34; fifth, Susan Koch, Rhinelander, 2:50:23; sixth, Jasmine Smith, Land O’ Lakes, 2:53:51; seventh, Ocie Kilgus, Rhinelander, 2:54:11; eighth, Shirley Vozel, Burlington, 3:00:41; ninth, Jason Vozel, Burlington, 3:00:41; 10th, Amy Johnson, Appleton, 3:01:58;

11th, Hailey Johnson, Appleton, 3:02:01; 12th, Bob Grzybowski, Greenfield, 3:02:06; 13th, Robert Lind, Bayfield, 3:02:35; 14th, David Sible, Oregon, Ill., 3:06:41; 15th, Julie Hook, Land O’ Lakes, 3:09:39; 16th, Kristin Sible, Oregon, Ill., 3:11:31; 17th, Patricia Trudeau, Marshfield, 3:13:28; 18th, Bud Matthews, Brookfield, 3:19:37; 19th, Sandy Matthews, Brookfield, 3:19:37; 20th, Mary Lynn Schneider, Wauwatosa, 3:21:10;

21st, Sarah Stoehr, Pickerel, 3:22:40; 22nd, Daniel Stoehr, Pickerel, 3:22:40; 23rd, Robert Gravowski, Naperville, Ill., 3:34:56; 24th, Jake Meyer, Schofield, 3:35:57; 25th, Jennifer Meyer, Schofield, 3:35:58; 26th, James Shear, Wonewoc, 3:38:13; 27th, Katie Strauss, Reedsburg, 3:38:14; 28th, Haley Bengston, Duluth, Minn., 3:34:56; 29th, Barbara Curnow, Saginaw, Minn., 3:45:56; 30th, Barbara Bengston, Duluth, Minn., 3:45:57;

31st, Lowell Larson, Marquette, 3:59:12; 32nd, Pearl Larson, Marquette, Mich., 3:59:14; 33rd, Kristy Goetsch, Merrill, 4:16:41.

Marathon wheelchair

First, Dean Juntunen, Mass City, Mich., 2:15:58.