People interested in serving on a town board, school board or city council have until 5 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019, to file nomination papers. The first day to circulate nomination papers was Dec. 1, 2018.

The election will be held Tuesday, April 2, 2019. If a primary election is necessary, it will be held Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019.

Officers on town boards are up for reelection this spring, though town boards with five-member boards will have elections for just two supervisor positions. Cloverland, Conover, Lincoln, Phelps, St. Germain and Arbor Vitae have five-member town boards.

School boards at Northland Pines, Three Lakes and Phelps school district also have some board members with expiring terms.

In the city of Eagle River, Mayor Jeffrey Hyslop has an expiring two-year term, along with city council members Scott Flores in District 1, Jerry Burkett in District 2, Kim M. Schaffer in District 3 and Ron Kressin in District 4.

Vilas County towns

The following Vilas County towns in this area have candidates with expiring two-year terms:

Cloverland — Chairman, Scott Maciosek; supervisor 1, Francine Gough; supervisor 2, Joe Eisele; and clerk/treasurer, Julie Priefer.

Conover — Chairman, George Champeny; supervisor 1, Tom Timken; supervisor 2, Karl Jennrich.

Land O’ Lakes — Chairman, Daniel G. Balog; supervisors, Michael Stopczynski Sr. and Samuel Otterpohl; and clerk/treasurer, Lynn Bybee.

Lincoln — Chairman, Dick Stoegbauer; supervisor 1, Bob McDonald Sr.; supervisor 3, Brian V. Uttech.

Phelps — Chairman, Steve Doyen; supervisors, Eugene McCaslin and Steve Waier; clerk/treasurer, Marjorie Hiller; and constable, Patrick Brown.

Plum Lake — Chairman, 

Will Maines; supervisor 1, Vernon Wiggenhauser; supervisor 2, Gary Schmidt; and clerk/treasurer, Sharon Brooker.

St. Germain — Chairman, Tom Christensen; supervisor 3, Doug Olson; supervisor 4, Jim Swenson; clerk, Thomas E. Martens; and treasurer, Marion C. Janssen.

Washington — Chairman, Jim Egan; supervisors Carole Linn and Keith Numrich; clerk, Michele Sanborn; and treasurer, Katie Hayes.

Oneida County towns

The following Oneida  County towns in this area have candidates with expiring two-year terms:

Three Lakes — Chairman, Jeff Bruss; supervisors, Jeff Boehm and Matt Olkowski; treasurer, Lanae Kowalski; and sanitary district commissioner, Ben Bonack.

Sugar Camp — Chairman, Scott Holewinski; supervisors, Paul Sowinski and Chris Rhode; clerk, Melissa Wick; and treasurer, Lisa John.

School boards

Some school board members at Northland Pines, Three Lakes and Phelps have expiring terms and include the following:

Northland Pines — Area D (town of Plum Lake), Mike Sealander; and at-large #2, Jim Mulleady.

Three Lakes — Terry McCloskey and Kari Volk.

Phelps — Donna Rosner.

State contests

There will be an election for one justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson has an expiring 10-year term July 31, 2019.

There also will be an election for the District III Court of Appeals. Appeals Judge Lisa K. Stark has an expiring six-year term July 31, 2019.

Election officials remind voters that an acceptable photo ID will be required to vote at the election. If a person does not have a photo ID, they may obtain a free ID for voting from the Division of Motor Vehicles.