The Three Lakes Town Board will take up the Van Bussum Road project next Tuesday, Aug. 4, at the town’s annual meeting. 

The road improvement project was scheduled to begin Monday, July 27, but due to public outcry about the tree-cutting aspect of the project, concerns about shoulder widening and collateral damage from tree cutting, the town board has temporarily postponed the project, according to Town Chairman Jeff Bruss.

The Van Bussum Road project involves  the cutting of approximately 200 majestic trees along the roadway, many of which are over 100 years old, and the laying of new asphalt.

Bruss said he and town supervisors have taken citizens’ pleas to stop or change the project into account, but he said a decision cannot be reached until all the financial aspects of the project are sorted out.  

“We are waiting on quotes to see what the impact on cost would be by deferring the project to a future year or canceling altogether,” Bruss said  Monday. 

Bruss stated that the project is being done for the betterment of the road and Three Lakes citizens by  “protecting the investment of the roadway from roots; allowing the roadway to properly dry and get sunlight; and allowing adequate room for winter snow removal and emergency vehicles.” 

However, some Van Bussum Road property owners do not feel that the project is necessary. 

“The road is not in disrepair and I feel in this cur- rent economy that there are far better ways to spend money than on a road where the actual residents don’t want this work done,” expressed a Van Bussum Road property owner. 

Some property owners have started a petition to stop or at least revamp the project. 

The town meeting to discuss the road project as well as other matters will be held from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m at the Three Lakes Municipal Building, located at 6965 W. School St. 

To learn more about the Van Bussum Road project, people can contact town officials at (715) 546-3316 or

The Aug. 4 meeting agenda can be found at